FinSecure Launches FinNET™ LPF

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Financial Services Customers Save Time and Money Managing Lender Placed and Foreclosed Property Insurance  

Towson, MD – January 15, 2013 – FinSecure announced today the launch of FinNET™ LPF. FinNET LPF is the first application in the FinNET family of technology solutions designed to complement FinSecure’s industry-leading insurance products for the financial services industry. FinNET solutions help FinSecure customers manage their insurance needs in the fastest, most efficient manner possible.

FinNET LPF is designed to save time and money for FinSecure Lender Placed and Foreclosed Policy (LPF) customers by facilitating their reporting, placement and renewal of lender placed and foreclosed properties and their associated insurance coverage. All FinSecure LPF policyholders receive password secured access to the FinNET LPF application free of charge through the website. Its intuitive design is easy to learn and use.

Once logged into the application, customers are able to upload properties and desired insurance coverage in a batch process or enter properties and coverage needs individually through online entry. After properties are entered in the system, premium information can be reviewed instantly and renewals, cancellations and coverage modifications can easily be accomplished online. Flexible search capabilities reduce the time needed looking for previously entered information.  FinNET LPF allows instant access to master policy information and even has a convenient document storage feature that allows users to store documents associated with policies and properties.

Mike Dandini, president of FinSecure, says, “FinNET technology tools are a major part of our strategy for providing superior insurance solutions to the financial services industry and FinNET LPF is the perfect complement to our industry-leading LPF policy. It allows our customers to save time and money with a more efficient process for managing their insurance coverage needs for lender placed and foreclosed properties. When you combine these new capabilities with our industry expertise, the benefits of being a member company of W.R. Berkley Corp. and our exceptional personal service, it is no wonder that the market is responding very favorably to the value that FinSecure offers.”

About FinSecure

FinSecure is an insurance provider focused on serving the insurance needs of Financial Institutions, predominately small to medium-sized banks, savings and loans, and credit unions. The company offers bond, management liability coverages and all standard property-casualty lines as well as specialty products catering to mortgage lenders and trust managers. All products are underwritten on an admitted basis on behalf of W. R. Berkley Corporation member insurance companies, which carry A. M. Best and S&P A+ ratings and A. M. Best Financial Size Categories ranging from X to XV.

Based in Towson, MD, FinSecure is a member company of W. R. Berkley Corporation, a Fortune 500 insurance holding company. For more information, please visit


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