Outstanding Personal Service (OPS)

We are committed to high service standards you can rely on.  We call this Outstanding Personal Service (OPS) and define this through the following:

making phone call
  1. Being accessible 
    • We pick up the phone – and don’t hide behind email
    • We return phone calls within 24 business hours
    • We want to serve as a resource, even if it is not our insured
    • We understand that sometimes we have to deliver disappointing news, but when we do, we will be sure to communicate and explain our position to you in a timely manner
    • We recognize your time is valuable and will treat it as such
    • This includes our Senior Leadership Team
  2. Communicating with you as often as you deem necessary when you submit business to us
    • Acknowledgment of new business submissions within two business days
    • We will meet the agreed-upon “need by” dates
    • If it’s not for us, we will decline within 3 bus days of receipt of appropriate information
    • We are here to help you support your insured
  3. Having a strong Claims team is an integral part of our offering
    • Building meaningful relationships, and becoming trusted partners, with our insureds, brokers, and agents
    • We are always here to discuss claims, and assist you wherever we can
    • We are engaged in the industry through various boards and committees, including writing and presenting on various topics relating to the industry
    • Developing innovative ways to report proof of loss for fidelity claims
    • Leveraging the 100+ years of experience we have handling claims
    • Specialized knowledge with many claim representatives having legal degrees and past careers practicing law
  4. Getting you your policy on time, and issued accurately
    • Issue policies within two business days when no subjectivities
    • Issue endorsements within two business days when no subjectivities

These are the standards we have set for ourselves to set us apart in the industry.  It is how we operate as an organization.  Let us prove it to you.

Berkley Crime logoBerkley Crime, a division of Berkley Financial Specialists, is focused exclusively on providing crime-related insurance products for commercial organizations, Financial Institutions, and governmental entities. For more information, visit: BerkleyCrime.com.

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