Diversity and Inclusion

Berkley Financial Specialists values the diversity of perspective, talent and experience that our employees bring to our organization.  We are committed to building a culture of diverse perspectives and talents to support individual growth, superior business results and lead us into the future. The more we understand people, their needs and challenges, the better we can serve them with our products and services. 

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We believe a diverse workforce that reflects our communities and our clients fosters innovation and creativity that empowers employees to positively contribute to our company’s success.  We value difference and diversity of perspective to achieve better outcomes for customers, to find new and better ways to work.  We welcome collaboration because we believe we are better together.  At the same time, we expect employees to be individually accountable for their contributions to our success.  

Management and leadership programs, continuing education as well as seminars and training opportunities are inclusive and made available to all employees ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to grow and advance.

Berkley Financial Specialists has a strong commitment to developing the next generation of insurance professionals to continue our work providing creative solutions to the insurance needs of our clients.

Berkley Crime logoBerkley Crime, a division of Berkley Financial Specialists, is focused exclusively on providing crime-related insurance products for commercial organizations, Financial Institutions, and governmental entities. For more information, visit: BerkleyCrime.com.
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