The Olympics of Fraud

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Traveler Beware

While the Olympics are already under scrutiny for Zika, political unrest, the Olympic Park and increased street crime, the threat to travelers posed by technology should not be overlooked.  Popular sporting events are a target for attacks, and while the Olympics had always been minor in comparison to other events, since 2014 the interest has only increased.

Awareness is always the first step in preventing exposure to data. Making sure that Financial Institutions stress safety to their users abroad is critically important to security and reduced exposure to losses. Bad domains, phishing, fake lotteries (winning free tickets), WiFi security, USB charging stations, ATM Skimmers and credit card cloners are all prevalent during these events.  As outlined by SecureList, a Kaspersky Labs publication, there are real threats that are already taking place, and ways you can prevent exposure.

Steps to Protect Mobile Devices

In 2012, Martin McKeay from Akamai recommended the following tips, which still hold today:

  • Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC when not in use;
  • Never check sensitive accounts when connected to public WiFi (bank accounts, credit cards, shopping, etc);
  • If your phone offers data encryption, turn it on;
  • Don’t allow apps or subsystems to run on your device.

Some additional tips include:

  • Update your device operating system before leaving;
  • Do not accept apps or pairing from unsolicited sources;
  • Verify public WiFi signals with providers (ask the hotel for the name of their WiFi, and only connect to that available signal);
  • Keep your device protected from being stolen;
  • Use common sense with your device.

The Olympic Games are supposed to be an enjoyable experience, and preparing in advance can ensure that there is one less worry to address while enjoying.

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