Let’s Face it. The Roof is Underappreciated

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All Things Roof Related

We use windows and doors, flooring, plumbing fixtures and electricity daily. The roof just hangs out. It seems deserving then that roofs have their own week, and this is it: June 4-10, 2017 is National Roofing Week.

All Things Roof Related!

In honor of this week it seemed appropriate to share tips from our partner, Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety, about all things roof related. The thing about roofs is that they are ignored, until they can’t be, and usually then it’s too late and very expensive. This week provides an opportunity to be proactive, or perhaps to rethink a remodel or new construction project with tips from pros that are tested, researched and dare we say scientific.

For most building owners, an inspection from time to time is the best way to assess a roof. Physical inspection is easy, and this guide can help the process. It’s also good while inspecting a roof to make sure the gutters, drains and scuppers are functioning properly. While a roof prevents rain and damage from entering the structure, the movement of water and build-up of debris can cause problems if not maintained. It’s also good to ensure the HVAC and roof-mounted equipment is property maintained.

Protect Yourself

If new construction is on the list for 2017 or beyond, IIBHS offers a guide for hiring a roofing contractor. While many general contractors may have their “roof people” it’s sometimes good to do some homework and ensure professionals meet standards that will benefit the investment.

While we aren’t contractors, and while we don’t spend a lot of time ourselves thinking of roofs, we appreciate this week. It’s good to take time to give shout-outs to the people and organizations doing the work, and a good reminder to keep atop of roof updates. A loss may be prevented or reduced because of diligence today, and National Roofing Week can help provide that annual reminder to look up. When disaster strikes, it’s also good to have a financially strong company with outstanding claims service who is there when you need them. That’s where Berkley FinSecure comes in, because the best plans and preparations don’t always work out.

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