Berkley FinSecure Is Pleased To Have Sedgwick CMS As Part Of Our Team!

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Sedgwick logoBerkley FinSecure is pleased to announce that we have retained Sedgwick Claims Management Services as our claim service provider for Workers Compensation.

Effective May 1, 2019, Sedgwick Claims Management Services (Sedgwick CMS) will begin managing workers’ compensation claims for Berkley FinSecure on behalf of our customers.

Sedgwick CMS is a leading provider of innovative claims and productivity management solutions. Sedgwick CMS provides cost-effective claims administration, managed care, program management and related services through the expertise of 12,000 colleagues in more than 275 office in the US., Canada and the UK.

Sedgwick CMS offers a state-of-the-art claims information system, precise analytics, an outcome-oriented approach to quality, unmatched experience in implementing and refining best practices, flexibility and a mutual commitment to partnership. We believe these are the right ingredients for a successful claims solution.

Berkley FinSecure is pleased to have Sedgwick CMS as part of our Team!

How Will I Report a Claim?

how to report a claim
To accommodate the various Berkley FinSecure policyholders, Sedgwick CMS has set up two methods of report new Claims:

Call your new claim into the dedicated Berkley FinSecure call center at 1-844-327-3901. Claims can be recorded in over 250 languages. A claim number will be provided during the initial report.

Email your new claim to [email protected]

Panel Cards

For those insureds that need to retrieve panel cards please click on the below icon. If you need assistance please call 612-344-4562.

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Northeast Region
Jeanne Shrum
[email protected]
Southeast Region
Scott Mynatt
[email protected]
Great Lake Regions
Dave Cassel
[email protected]
South Region
Scott Harris
[email protected]
Northwest Region
Pete Verretto
[email protected]

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