Modern Day Bank Robberies; What Financial Institutions Will Do To Protect Themselves

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130 financial sector Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and security leaders from around the world provided their input to the compelling ground truth on the changing behavior of cybercriminal cartels and the defense shift of the financial sector in the Modern Bank Heist 5.0 Report released last month (April 2022) by VMware.

The report discusses how attackers are moving from heist to hostage, from dwell to destruction for Financial Institutions. It provides access to key insights including:

  • A depiction of the evolving and punitive threat landscape which organizations must defend against collaboratively and the surprising action they are taking
  • Latest trends in electronic fraud
  • How industry leadership and their teams can stay one step ahead of cybercrime cartels

Tom Kellermann, Head of Cybersecurity Strategy at VMware, spoke in this latest video from Help Net Security about the threats against Financial Institutions and what was revealed in the Modern Bank Heist 5.0 Report. He also talks about what keeps the financial security experts and leaders up at night, how are they trying to defend against today’s threats and most importantly – threat defense priorities in the coming year.

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Sources: NetDiligence, VMware and Help Net Security

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